Stuff I think is cool.

Exactly what it says on the tin. Cool, useful websites and resources I think might be new to people.

bullet Biodiversity Heritage Library is a flickr account containing scanned images of vintage scientific illustrations, all uploaded under public domain! They're free to use! Go to the image description of any image and there will be a link to a pdf where you can download the image. If youre like me, you love these old illustrations and there are enough here to wallpaper an entire house without repeating the same one twice.


bullet iNaturalist is a real life pokedex and it changed my damn life. I am not kidding. I have learned so much about the animals and plants that surround me, and in turn have learned to love the world I inhabit so much more. It helps you identify what you observe and log them. Be sure to turn on the obscure location setting when you upload if you are at home so that you aren't posting your home location, though! If there is majority agreement on what your identification is, the observation you made goes Research Grade, and can be used by scientists as data on that species!

bullet Its likely you already know about Unsplash, a large collection of free to use, public domain images. These are great for artistic reference, and if you make an account you can save images to a collection. I have made a collection of over 1200 Animal Study References that I often draw from, and I think others might find useful! I have also made one specifically for horses.