featherHi! I'm Jack!feather


Bear with me, I'm new here!!

I'm an artist and this site is super image heavy.

This site is not very mobile friendly.

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Whats up? I'm Jack, an (almost) 30 year old artist and nature lover from New Jersey. Despite being a millennial, I wasn't really around for the early 2000s "old web" hey day, I was more locked being a TRAGICALLY slow home internet speed and a fear of running into things I shouldn't, so until like 2008 I mostly stuck to image searching things on google to see pictures of animals I liked. My first major internet presence was an anime forum and then Deviantart, so I'm having fun playing around with static websites as both nostalgia and something I never really got a chance to do myself.

Here you will find some of my art and some of my loves, and whatever I want, really. Check out my Paleoart tab for some of my art of extinct critters.

I learned a little HTML years ago and have forgotten basically all of it, so I'm currently using the Layout Builder by Sadgrl as a base for this site for now. I may change this in the future. Though to be honest I have a really hard time not being intimidated by code, its really difficult for me to focus on it and I get stressed. So dont think too lowly of me if I always need some help to make something. Though there are some ideas I have that may push me to learn.

For now, why not visit my Mini Meadow? Its just getting started but its one of the things I'm most excited about. A place to talk about and archive some of the awesome visitors I get in my wild flower patch!

Image of Jack the Vulture